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Enjoy your Mother's day!

Dear mothers,

let the man or the children cook, prepare the meal for you and just spoil yourself a little, today is your day.

Pssssst...: At the bottom there is still a voucher code with which you can get a 20% discount on your orders on Mother's Day!

And for all of you who urgently need some last minute ideas for Mother's Day, here's a summary of what you could do for or with your dearest mum on this day:

A compliment! Nice hair? Nicely dressed? Your chance to score!

A breakfast with fine pancakes and fruit salad 🥞

A spontaneous games evening with the whole family 🎲

... or a gift certificate for a mask in our online store.

Spoil your mothers, they deserve it!

Of course we also have a small gift for today, telling a friend is exceptionally allowed. With the following voucher code you will get a 20% discount on your order all day long.


We have also added a few masks for you, so that you can continue to be so elegant on the road!

Do it well and stay healthy!

Best wishes,

Marius and Wolfi

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