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Letter to all of those who helped create our Initiative

Dear dressmakers and industrious seamstresses,

Dear "Rock Maker" and "Hemberger's Costume and Timeless",

Dear "Together" Association,

we are relieved and also a little bit proud to have achieved such a great result with you so far - we were able to provide almost 1000 people around the Ammersee with temporary masks until mid-April. Among other things, we were able to distribute masks to kindergartens in Inning and Herrsching and to the community and administration of Schondorf. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all those involved for all their work, time and effort. All the more we are pleased to announce today a donation of 1.500€ to the association "Gemeinsam".

For weeks now, citizens have been able to place purchase orders with the "Gemeinsam" association, which are delivered to their homes every afternoon by volunteers. Any shortfalls from the Tafel are compensated for by financial aid to needy citizens, who can use them to buy fresh produce in the supermarket. It is nice that we were able to contribute together to support these people in this difficult time.

As a regional initiative that is actively making its contribution here on site by providing people from Bavaria and especially the Starnberg-Ammersee region with original and reusable masks, we stand for a rethinking of the way we do business, which in many places is already considered a consequence of the crisis.

What is the way forward? We want to continue working with you so that we can find local solutions to this global crisis in our environment. We continue to pursue our goal of building a world in which, despite CoViD-19, a pleasant living together with fellow human beings is possible. We strongly support the measure from the Bavarian State Chancellery to introduce a nationwide mask obligation starting next Monday. Because one thing is clear - it needs the cooperation of every single person in order to effectively counteract a possible resurgence of the new disease after the initial restrictions have been relaxed. That is why we will continue to work diligently in order to provide the local population with further equipment.

We are looking forward to continuing on this path together with you,

Your Ammersee mask team Marius and Wolfi

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