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"Thank you for the masks!" - Bavarian Red Cross Germering

After we supported a local association together, we came up with the idea to produce more masks together with our tailors, with which charitable institutions can be supported. The Wasserwacht Germering recently had the pleasure of receiving 20 of our masks, which were urgently needed by the Bavarian Red Cross:

"We, the Wasserwacht Germering of the Bavarian Red Cross, would like to thank Ammersee Masks for 20 beautiful masks. Despite the corona crisis, we are starting our watch operation at Lake Germering this week and our SEG (Rapid Response Group) must always be ready for action, as swimming or boating accidents can occur at any time. Of course we want to protect our volunteer members as best as possible, which we can do now thanks to bunting masks. Many thanks!"

Of course we are also happy that we were able to help quickly and without complications. Therefore: Mast and sheet breakage also from us to the water rescue service! Stay healthy!

Meanwhile, we continue and equip you, friends and acquaintances with chique & original everyday masks, made of high quality cotton at the Ammersee in Upper Bavaria by local tailors.

You still know friends or acquaintances who still need masks? You are welcome to forward this mail! We would be happy if we could offer you a nice view of great masks in your area ;)

Greetings from Marius and Wolfi! Every evening we pack the orders of the last day for you. See you soon!

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